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2012 Lambertois

Here is the list of the 2012 Lambertois Merit Awards winners.

Marc BoucherMarc Boucher
Lambertois Award in the “Culture” category

A Lambertois award in the “Culture” category has been conferred on Marc Boucher, initiator and general and artistic manager of Festival Classica.

A talented baritone and classical music fan, Mr. Boucher places great importance on art and artisans for the enrichment they add to our lives. In 2008, based on this belief, he came up with the idea of a classical musical festival. What followed was a long complicated process of convincing everyone else of its great potential and of laying the groundwork for this major event.

His dream came true in 2011 with the first edition of the festival. It brought thousands of people—both neophytes and veterans—together in Saint-Lambert to experience a classical music immersion. Not only does this festival promote culture, but it also has an educational component by giving young people a big place on the agenda and offering an extensive outdoor program of free events where everyone is welcome.

Through this Lambertois award, the Ville de Saint- Lambert seeks to underscore Marc Boucher’s contribution to our city’s cultural growth and influence.

Brian O'MalleyBrian O’Malley
Lambertois in the “Heart and Deed” category

Brian O’Malley has been honoured with a “Lambertois in Heart and Deed” award to highlight his exceptional involvement with young Lambertans by way of the scouting movement.

For more than 35 years, Mr. O’Malley has worked tirelessly with children in the St-Barnabas troop of Scouts Canada. In 1979, he became head of the Beavers group, acting as a guide for youngsters ages 5 to 7. Through carefully planned activities, he passes on his knowledge and basic scouting values: respect for others, respect for self, and involvement in the community. By encouraging youngsters to find the best in themselves and others, he helps them become resourceful, confident, and versatile individuals who are well-groomed to succeed.

Mr. O’Malley has thus inspired two generations of Lambertans. Mr. O’Malley has also been involved in administering the group for nearly 20 years and has headed its annual fund-raising campaign since 1971.