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Rehabilitation of Riverside (phase 5) and Du Rhône

In 2012, the City began a major project to rehabilitate Riverside Drive, the longest artery in Saint-Lambert. The work is being spread over several years. To learn more about this large-scale project, consult the Riverside Drive project description page.

Work will continue this spring, with the reconstruction of Riverside Drive between D’Anjou Avenue and Brossard’s city limits. This work includes the Du Rhône Avenue and the portion of Simard Boulevard from the De Gasgogne Street to the junctions on Autoroute 132. This phase of the work, including the first course of asphalt, should be carried out over a period of six months, from June to November. 

Phase 1 A: summer

  • Riverside, from Anjou to Simard 
  • Simard, from Casgogne to the junctions on Autoroute 132: first half of the street

Phase 1 B: summer

  • Du Rhône
  • Riverside, from Rhône to Simard 
  • Simard, from Casgogne to the junctions on Autoroute 132: first half of the street

Phase 2: fall

  • Riverside, from Simard to Brossard’s city limits
  • Simard, from Casgogne to the junctions on Autoroute 132: second half of the street

The second course of asphalt will be laid and the landscaping done in spring 2018. 

The work is slated to start on July 3.

The dates indicated are approximate as many factors, including weather conditions, can have an impact on how long projects actually take to complete.

Chemins de détour pour Riverside phase 5


To make it easier for you to get around during the work on Riverside Drive, two detour routes have been planned according to the progress of the work. We recommend following the signs that will be posted soon, as they will indicate the best detour for vehicles.

Traffic will be maintained at all times on Simard Boulevard, as work will be done on one side of the street at a time. However, it will be reduced, since there will be one lane available in each direction, rather than two.

Neighbourhood residents

The reconstruction of a street is a complex operation involving many companies, and it creates a great deal of disruption to people’s routines. The page Practical information on roadworks will offer you practical tips to ensure your daily routine continues as smoothly as possible.

Residents who live on Du Rhône Avenue or Place le Marronnier will be able to access their residences throughout the work. When the contractor is obliged to temporarily close your street or its intersection with Riverside, a temporary exit road will be provided toward Simard Boulevard for residents of Place le Marronnier and toward De Bretagne Drive for residents of Du Rhône Avenue.   


Many of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) buses travel along the entire length or a section of Riverside Drive. For the duration of the work, alternate bus routes will be set up for lines 13, 37 and 55. You can consult the RTL's website for more details. 

The RTL will also install temporary signs informing users of any changes to the usual Riverside Drive bus routes. 

For more information, you can call the RTL’s Customer Service Department at 450-463-0131 from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., as well as on weekends and holidays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


Exemple de carrefour giratoire

The most exciting aspect of the rehabilitation of this portion of Riverside Drive will be the installation of a roundabout at the Simard intersection. This structure will improve traffic flow for motorists and cyclists, while enhancing the esthetic appeal of this important entry to our city. 

What exactly is a roundabout? 

A roundabout is a usually circular intersection where traffic circulates counter-clockwise around a central island and where entering vehicles must yield to those already in the roundabout.

Its benefits

The installation of a roundabout will offer a number of concrete benefits to neighbourhood residents and visitors: 

  • Greater safety for all users: Pedestrians and cyclists will only have to look in one direction to find out when to cross. Also, crosswalk lights will clearly tell motorists when to stop.
  • Lower speeds: Vehicles will slow down as they approach the roundabout because it represents a major change in the driving environment.
  • Environmental benefits: As motorists will come to full stops less often, this will reduce noise and gas consumption, which in turn will have a direct impact on air quality. Also, the roundabout implies a surface of asphalt, which acts as a “heat island.”
  • Esthetically pleasing: A roundabout creates a distinctive entry that can be landscaped and that forms an eye-catching landmark.

To learn more, consult the PowerPoint presentation that was shown at the February 23rd information meeting. 

Pedestrian safety  

During the reconstruction work, the City of Saint-Lambert will set up an enhanced surveillance system.

However, we urge parents to inform their children of the potential dangers associated with such major work and to watch out for the safety of the children in their neighbourhood. 

Questions about the worksite?

We are well aware of the inconveniences caused by such large-scale work. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions about the project, please contact Charles Élysée, a municipal engineering technician with the City of Saint-Lambert’s Engineering Department, at or at 514 243-5720.

Stay informed!

The information you’ll find in this section of the website will be continually updated. We invite you to check this page often for reports on the progress of work.


2018-01-05 - Pedestrian traffic on Riverside between De la Moselle Avenue and Simard Boulevard
With the Riverside reconstruction project still in progress, the sidewalks on Riverside Drive between De la Moselle Avenue and Simard Boulevard have not yet been rebuilt. It is therefore currently unsafe for pedestrians to walk towards the roundabout to get to Simard Boulevard or to continue along Riverside Drive.

For their safety, the City of Saint-Lambert invites citizens to use the sidewalks on De la Moselle Avenue and Du Pas-de-Calais Street to get to Simard Boulevard.

Detour route

If you have any questions on the worksite, we invite you to contact Charles Élysée, technician in the Engineering Department, at 514 243-5720.

2017-11-27 - Opening of the new roundabout 
The roundabout at the Simard Boulevard and Riverside Drive intersection will be open to traffic in December. To help you drive around it safely, a few days ago we mailed out a card explaining the rules to follow. 

If you did not receive a card, you can pick one up in municipal buildings or consult the Roundabout section.

2017-11-06 - Notice to residents of Place Le Marronnier
The water network needs to be replaced. Therefore, Monday, November 13, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., water supply will be interrupted for maximum 4 hours for the residents of Place Le Marronnier.

Once completed, we ask that you turn on your cold-water and allow the water to run until it is clear again. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. However, this temporary interruption will result on a permanent improvement. Thank you for your cooperation.

2017-11-02 - Temporary exit road for Place du Maronnier residents
Starting November 3, the contractor will begin the works to provide a temporary exit road toward Simard Boulevard for residents of Place du Marronnier. When the works will be completed, Place of du Marronnier intersection with Riverside will be closed and residents must use the temporary road.

Temporary acces road

If you have any questions on the worksite, we invite you to contact Charles Élysée, technician in the Engineering Department, at 514 243-5720.

2017-10-12 - Info-works Riverside (phase 5) end of phase 1 and beginning of phase 2
Weather permitting, the contractor will lay the first course of asphalt on Saturday, October 14 and on Monday, October 16. This operation will mark the completion of phase 1 of the work. As of Tuesday, October 17, Riverside Drive, between D’Anjou Avenue and Simard Boulevard, will be reopened to traffic. Two-way traffic will be in effect on the completed section of the future roundabout on Simard Boulevard.

Plan de détour

Beginning of phase 2
The contractor will then begin phase 2 of the Riverside Drive rehabilitation project. This second step consists mainly of upgrading the sewer system on the section of Riverside Drive that runs towards Brossard, finishing work on the roundabout and the traffic islands and completing the sidewalks on the west side of Simard Boulevard from Riverside to Du Pas-de-Calais Street. During this period, a new detour will be in effect.

2017-09-26 - Update on the progress of the work
The first step of phase 5 of the Riverside Drive rehabilitation project is nearing the end. The upgrading of the sewer networks and the reconstruction of the road foundation on Simard Boulevard (east side) and on Riverside Drive between D’Anjou Avenue and Simard Boulevard have been completed.

The contractor is presently finishing up the concrete curbs, sidewalks and the installation of granite curbs on Riverside Drive. The sidewalks, traffic islands and bicycle paths on Simard Boulevard are also currently under way.

Starting in early October, the contractor will begin paving Simard Boulevard and Riverside Drive between D’Anjou Avenue and Simard Boulevard. 

Du Rhône Avenue
Construction of sewer pipes and stormwater mains as well as the water system is under way on Du Rhône Avenue. To date, 50 linear metres have been completed. The pavement structure, curbs and sidewalks will be built in parallel with the installation of the sewer and stormwater networks. The rehabilitation of Du Rhône Avenue is scheduled for completion at the end of October. 

2017-09-26 - Temporary parking for residents at 20 Du Rhône Avenue
Due to roadwork being carried out on Riverside Drive, the residents of 20 Du Rhône Avenue will not have access to their underground parking lot starting Wednesday, September 27. Subsequently, some of them have been invited to park on Lombardie Avenue, in both Du Rhône and De Bretagne parks. 

This exceptional measure will be in place for approximately one week, and the sites will be returned to their original condition afterwards.

Map of parking

If you have any questions on the worksite, we invite you to contact Charles Élysée, technician in the Engineering Department, at 514 243-5720.

2017-09-06 - Closure of one lane on Simard Boulevard
Due to work on sewer pipes and water mains being carried out as part of the rehabilitation of Riverside Drive, we will have to close an additional lane on Simard Boulevard at the corner of Riverside Drive starting September 9, for approximately two weeks. 

During this period, motorists heading towards Saint-Lambert from highway 132 via Simard Boulevard will have to take a detour that goes along Riverside Drive, De la Moselle Avenue and Du Pas-de-Calais Street. We thank you for following the detour signs that will be installed shortly.

Detour route

Motorists who use Simard Boulevard to get to highway 132 will not be affected by the detour.

2017-06-28 - Works begins
Starting July 3, Riverside Drive between D’Anjou Avenue and Simard Boulevard will be closed to traffic due to the start of reconstruction work. We thank you in advance for your collaboration to ensure safety around the work site and to respect the detour routes that will be in place. The contractor may be on the site a few days before to begin the preparatory work. 

2017-03-02 - Presentation of the project
You can watch (or watch again) the PowerPoint presentation that was shown at the information meeting on February 23. It contains a host of information on the nature and purpose of a roundabout and the benefits it offers, among other things.