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Practical information on roadworks

The reconstruction of a street is a complex operation involving many companies, and it creates a great deal of disruption to people’s routines. This page will offer you practical tips to ensure your daily routine continues as smoothly as possible. 

We are well aware of the inconvenience caused by such large-scale work, and we would be happy to hear any comments you may have about this. Above all, our goal is to keep you fully informed. 


Before the work begins, the contractor in charge of the work will be making a detailed video of the street and the facades of the properties. This video will serve as a filmed document that will ensure that driveways and the edges of properties can be remodeled as they were prior to the start of the project.

Garbage collection and recycling

While the work is being carried out, household garbage and recycling bins must be placed at the closest intersections or where the garbage and recycling trucks can have easy access to them.


While excavation work to replace water mains and to rebuild the sidewalks is taking place in front of your house, it will be temporarily impossible for you to access your home by car. As a general rule, this work should take seven working days. During this period, we recommend that you park in neighbouring streets. 

If you wish to have the design of your sidewalk and driveway entrance modified, please contact Jean-Marcel Duval at the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department: 450 466-3889, ext. 3380.

Mail delivery

The City of Saint-Lambert is not responsible for mail delivery. Canada Post has its own mandatory procedures. If it becomes necessary to change the method of postal delivery during the roadwork, Canada Post will notify you a few days in advance.


Once the work is underway, the street will be closed to traffic. Temporary signage will be installed to indicate the best detour for vehicles. 

Take note!
Local traffic access will be provided for residents affected by the roadwork.

Drinking water

A company will install temporary water mains. Conduits will be placed either in the front or in the backyard of your property, with a hook-up to your home via a flexible pipe connected to the outdoor water tap. Fire hydrants will also be connected with a rigid 150 mm pipe to ensure fire safety.

You must check that the water intake valve to your property is working properly; this valve will have to be closed during the work. 

In the event that the technicians are unable to enter your garden or your backyard, they will leave instructions on how to hook up your home to the temporary water mains yourself. 

The City will be responsible for replacing the water mains up to the right-of-way. If your water inlet valve is old, and especially if some of its components contain lead, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the construction work being done to upgrade it. For more information, you can contact Jean-Marcel Duval at the the Town Planning, Permits and Inspection Department at 450 466-3889, extension 3380.


As part of the work, the City will replace the sewer system. If your sewer connection is old, we also recommend that you take advantage of the construction work to upgrade it from your house to your property limits.  For more information, contact Jean-Marcel Duval at 450 466-3889, ext. 3380.

Pedestrian safety  

During the reconstruction work, the City of Saint-Lambert will set up an enhanced surveillance system.

However, we must urge parents to inform their children of the potential danger associated with such major work and to watch out for the safety of the children in their neighbourhood.