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Be prepared to manage for 72 hours

The Longueuil agglomeration Police and Fire Prevention departments ensure safety on the territory of Saint-Lambert. To reach them in case of emergency, dial 911.

Police department

For information or to report a non-emergency situation, you can either call the Police department at 450 463-7011 or use the form available online.

If you would like to make a request for an administrative service by phone, in person, or by mail, you should address it to the Service de police - Division Nord, which serves the territories of Saint-Lambert, Boucherville, and Old Longueuil. 

For more information and safety tips, you can consult the Police department section on the Longueuil agglomeration’s website.

Image troque ton ticket

Troque ton ticket

With the Troque ton ticket campaign organized by the Longueuil agglomeration Police Department (SPAL), cyclists residing in the Longueuil agglomeration will be given the opportunity to having their ticket cancelled in exchange for taking part in an education session on cycling safety. The SPAL will also offer the same deal to motorists who do not respect the minimum distance required between their car and the cyclist.

The awareness raising efforts will focus on four behaviours:

  1. I stop at stop signs and red lights (three demerit points awarded for failing to do so)
  2. I cycle on the right side of the road and in the same direction as the traffic
  3. I don’t cycle on the sidewalk
  4. I’m in sight at night! 

Fire Prevention department

There are 11 fire stations located throughout the agglomeration, including the Saint-Lambert fire station at 35 Aberdeen Street. They can respond rapidly to a fire or other emergency (road accident, hazardous material spill, etc.).

Personnel from the Division de la prévention incendie is at your service to inform you concerning methods of fire prevention. On request, technicians may also inspect equipment or installations to ensure that they are in compliance, so don't hesitate to contact the Division de la prévention incendie.

For more information and safety tips, you can consult the Fire Prevention department section on the Longueuil agglomeration’s website.