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Research assistance

The librarians and library technicians at the research assistance desk on the second floor will provide you with the answers to your questions using a large number of resources: encyclopedias, databases, magazine and newspaper articles, books, the Internet, statistics, etc. To help you find what you need from the collection, they offer introductory sessions, by request, on how to use these research tools. 

Typical questions:

  • What grants are available for young entrepreneurs?
  • I’d like to know what this used car is worth. Can you help me?
  • I’m looking for a shortbread cookie recipe. Can I find one here?
  • I want to learn how to do a cross stitch. Do you have a book on embroidery techniques?
  • Do you have any novels set in Norway?

Reference desk hours

* Closed on Saturday from June 24 to Labour Day.
Monday, Thursday and FridayTuesdayWednesdaySaturday* and Sunday
1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Noon to 5 p.m.
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The library offers a multitude of activities for children and adults alike, including story hours, book clubs, a variety of lectures, meetings with authors, writing and thematic workshops, exhibitions, etc. You can consult the program of activities in the Calendar section.

Bookmobile (home service)

Members who are unable to visit the library due to illness or disability can take advantage of the library’s home delivery service. However, since the program is run by volunteers, places are limited. Register by calling: 450 466-3910.

Computer lab

The computer lab for adults (13 years and older) has eight computers, and the children’s has two. Children aged 12 and under must have written authorization from a parent to use the Internet (forms available at the library).

The computers may be used to surf the Net and to use the Microsoft Office Suite as well as the various databases offered (encyclopedias, newspapers and magazines, the typing software Tap’Touche, and more). A colour printer is available for users (15¢ per black and white print and 50¢ per colour print).

Members can reserve a computer station in person only, upon presentation of their citizen’s card, for immediate use or for the following slot if all the stations are occupied (1 hour per adult and 30 minutes per child, per day). Advance reservations are not accepted. The library has an excellent collection of books on computers, as well as government information, available for loan or on-site consultation. The Saint-Lambert Community Access Centre is supported by a grant from Industry Canada.

Occasionally, the library offers computer lessons. Ask the library representatives for more information or watch the Press section of this website. 

Biblio-Aidants logoBiblio-Aidants program

The library offers a caregiver information service known as the Biblio-aidants program, which is coordinated by the Association des bibliothèques publiques (ABPQ, or Quebec Public Library Association).

Through this service, the library gives members access to 15 theme-based handbooks addressed specifically to caregivers and covering a variety of topics such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and palliative care. These handbooks include a list of pertinent organizations and websites, as well as suggested readings on the various topics. Some of these reading materials are available at the library. The handbooks can be consulted at the library or online at

Interlibrary loans (ILL)

The library can borrow certain documents it does not have from other libraries. To know more, please visit the Loan procedures section.

Self-served tablet lending station

A brand new iPad™ tablet self-serve lending service is now being offered at the library, thanks to the Friends of the Saint-Lambert Library Foundation. This service consists of a self-serve station is loaded with six iPads. You just have to :

  1. Scan your citizen’s card using the optical reader.ipad
  2. Enter your password to unlock one of the iPads. Passwords may not contain letters and must be made up of 4 to 8 numbers only. To modify a password, you please go online on the catalogue, in the My record section.
  3. Grab one of the tablets. A light will indicate which one to choose.
  4. Benefit from all the advantages offered by a tablet, on-site, in any sections of the library.
  5. After a certain time, a pop-up will appear on the screen of the iPad and you simply have to reinsert the tablet into the station.  

Study room

The study room can be used by groups of students to work on school projects or by other groups to work on projects that require research or involve reading. A group must consist of a minimum of two people, one of whom must hold a citizen’s card (13 years or over).

You can reserve the study room by phone at 450 466-3889, ext. 3339, or in person at the reference desk. If you call and it goes to voice mail, please do not leave a message, but call back later to make a reservation with someone. Reservations can only be made for the current week (from Sunday to Saturday), for two periods of two hours per group.

Online services

Numerous services are available online, including access to the library catalogue and several databases. Patrons can also access their files to check their loans, reserve materials, renew their loans, etc. To know more, consult the Catalogue and online resources section.

TélélecteurVideo magnifier

Thanks to the Friends of the Saint-Lambert Municipal Library Foundation, the library now has a video magnifier. This tabletop device allows people with poor vision to read and write by magnifying text or images. It has an adjustable 19-inch monitor, a camera, and a flexible horizontal tray on which to place documents.

The video magnifier is easy to use and allows users to choose between different colours for the background and the text, according to their preference. The device facilitates not only reading but also any writing task, such as filling out forms, writing letters, etc. The tabletop magnifier is available on the first floor close to the DVDs, on a self-service basis.

School visits

By appointment, the library offers tours to Saint-Lambert elementary schools. These visits help young students discover the resources the library offers to help them with their schoolwork or simply for pleasure. Interested teachers can call the library at 450 466-3910, for more information or to make an appointment.