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Loan procedure

The duration of a loan for documents is 21 days, but fiction films may only be borrowed for 7 days.


Adults may borrow an unlimited number of documents, with the following restrictions:

Type of document

Maximum allowed

New acquisitions2 novels
2 audio books
3 works of non-fiction
Comic books2
DVD2 fiction films
3 documentaires
Works of non-fiction on the same topic3
Travel guides2 per country
Audio books5
Language-learning methods1


Children may borrow a maximum of 8 documents at a time, with the following restrictions:

Type of documentMaximum allowed
New acquisitions2
Works of non-fiction on the same topic2
Audio books2


For members who do not wish wait for a bestseller that is already out on loan, the library has a few copies available that can be rented at a cost of $3.50 for three weeks. 


Logo chute à livre interditeWhen the library is closed, documents other than CDs and DVDs bearing the logo seen here may be returned via the book drop. A fine of $1 will be added to the user’s file for each CD and DVD bearing the logo recovered from the book drop.


You may renew a loan if the documents have not been reserved by other members, with the exception of new acquisitions, which cannot be renewed. Renewals must be made in person with the documents and citizen's card in hand. You can also renew loans through the online catalogue, but to do this you need a password, which you can obtain at the circulation desk. For more information, consult the Catalogue and online resources section.


You can reserve any document (other than rentals) that is already out on loan, in person or the online catalogue. You have three days to pick up the document after being informed of its availability. No more than three reservations are allowed at one time. 

Interlibrary loans (ILL)

Through the interlibrary loan service, members with a citizen's card can borrow from another library certain documents that the Saint-Lambert library does not have. A maximum of two requests can be processed at once.

If a document is located elsewhere, there may be a waiting period of two to four weeks to receive it. However, new acquisitions, magazines and newspapers, software, and CDs and DVDs cannot be borrowed through an ILL.

Fees may apply to certain documents, such as rare or old books, specialized books, books published outside Canada, photocopies of articles, etc. Any applicable fees must be paid by the person requesting the document. Requests can be placed online through the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec or at the reference counter of the library.

You can consult

Logo PDF Procédure de prêt entre bibliothèques (PEB) (in French only)

Logo PDF Politique de prêt entre bibliothèques (PEB) (in French only)

Ebook loans

The Saint-Lambert library offers an eBook lending service to members. Accessible from the library catalogue, the PRETNUMERIQUE.CA application features nearly 1000 French and Quebec titles, novels, works of non-fiction, and children’s books—including 14 English titles—in a PDF or ePub format compatible with most e-readers and tablets. To know more about eBook loans, consult the Catalogue and online resources section.