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2018 calendar of municipal activities

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Every year, before the holiday season, a calendar of municipal activities is distributed. This useful tool presents the main dates for municipal activities, such as garbage, recycling, and green collections, as well as the registration period for recreational activities. In it, you will also be able to find quickly and easily a host of useful information on municipal services and by-laws.

Erratum -  Map of the electoral districts
The map of the electoral districts found on page 4 of the calendar is not up-to-date. A change has in fact been made to the dividing line between districts 4 and 5 since the previous election on November 3, 2013. Here is the most recent map of the electoral districts

Opening of tennis courts delayed
Contrary to what was announced in the calendar, we will not be able to open the tennis courts at Alexandra and Préville parks on April 7. Weather permitting, they should open on April 16. 

You can consult

Symbole pdf 2018 calendar of municipal activities

Interactive version: 2018 calendar of municipal activities