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Coming into force by-laws numbers 2017-158, 2017-159 and 2017-160

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Public notice is hereby given that at a special sitting of the Ville de Saint-Lambert Municipal Council, held on December 11th, 2017, the following by-laws were adopted:

  • “By-law concerning the setting and levying of property taxes for the 2018 financial year” (2017-158) [Translation]
  • “By-law concerning the tariffing for the activities, goods and services of the Ville de Saint-Lambert” (2017-159) [Translation]
  • “By-law concerning the rate of transfer duties applicable on transfers with a basis of imposition that is in excess of $500,000” (2017-160) [Translation]

These by-laws come into force on the day of their publication and may be consulted at the City Hall during business hours.