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Jardins Intérieurs Project

Vue aérienne

The City of Saint-Lambert is currently studying the project proposed by COGIR to expand the Jardins Intérieurs, a private residence for seniors located on Victoria Avenue near the Country Club of Montréal golf course. 

Jardins Intérieurs project
Withdrawal of the by-law
Following the results of the register held on October 9, at its regular meeting held on October 15, City Council decided to withdraw the By-law amending the Zoning By-law to amend certain provisions related to zone RE-5 (2018-43-15). There will therefore be no referendum on the project.

Results of the register requesting the holding of a referendum poll 
On October 9, citizens in sectors RE-5 and RA-12 of the zoning plan were given the chance to sign a register requesting that the Règlement modifiant le Règlement de zonage afin de modifier certaines dispositions relatives à la zone RE-5 (2018-43-15) be submitted to a referendum poll. This by-law amendment would allow the Jardins Intérieurs project to go ahead.

Given that three hundred thirty-eight (338) eligible voters signed the register and that the required number of signatures for holding a referendum poll is two hundred fifteen (215), we hereby wish to inform you that in order for Règlement modifiant le Règlement de zonage afin de modifier certaines dispositions relatives à la zone RE-5 (2018-43-15) to come into force, it must first be submitted to a referendum poll.

City Council therefore takes note of the outcome of the register, and will inform citizens at a later date of how it intends to proceed with this project.

Reasons for the project

The project presented by COGIR is justified by a growing demand from independent seniors who wish to remain in Saint-Lambert. Phase 3 would prevent active seniors from having to relocate to other municipalities.  

Adjacent municipalities welcome private residences adapted to the needs of independent seniors, a clientele that energizes the urban community and is essential to preserving Saint-Lambert’s economic vitality.

Presentation of the project

Présentation du projet des Jardins Intérieurs

COGIR plans to construct a third building that will be connected to the neighbouring buildings by a walkway or corridor and by the underground parking lot. 

The main features would be:

  • 200 apartments of various sizes (complementing what is offered in the existing buildings);
  • a building height of approximately 12 storeys;
  • contemporary architecture similar to that of the existing buildings;
  • a shadow cast only within the property boundaries;
  • a modern building with high energy efficiency and low water consumption in accordance with improved design concepts;
  • an energy-saving system (heating/air-conditioning) and high-performance windows; and
  • each apartment will have a balcony and generous windows (lots of natural light in each unit).  

All about the project!
Learn more about the context and details of the project by consulting the presentation prepared by COGIR.

Plan d'implantation Project implementation 

Discussions between the City of Saint-Lambert and COGIR have led to agreement on an optimal plan for the building’s location. 

Based on the actual site conditions, the best option for the City and COGIR will result in an exchange of pieces of land of the same size: 

  1. 1) Portion of municipal land to be relinquished to COGIR 
  2. 2) Portion of COGIR land to be acquired by the City of Saint-Lambert

This operation would make it possible to preserve a high-quality park behind the residences and a wooded area near the houses on Du Limousin Street as well as near Victoria Avenue. In other words, the size of Du Limousin Park would not be reduced.

The City of Saint-Lambert is not selling any land or park. This is an exchange of plots of land of the same size that will result in the improvement of Limousin Park.

Échange de terrains pour le projet des Jardins Intérieurs

Advantages of the project 

For citizens, the concrete advantages of this land exchange would be as follows:  

  • a piece of fallow land in precarious natural condition, including several sick or dead ash trees, would be exchanged for a well-laid out and long-maintained wooded area of equivalent size;
  • a wooded area in the vicinity of Du Limousin Street would be extended to ensure peace and quiet for local residents; 
  • a green belt around the property would be maintained and an improved tree cover would be preserved;
  • the building would be oriented in such a way as to preserve a wooded strip along Victoria Avenue; and
  • the park area between Riverside Street and Victoria Avenue would be consolidated.
  • requirement that the developer replant two trees for each tree felled.

Evaluation reports for the exchanged land plots 
With respect to this file, since some residents have expressed concern about the exchange of land, the City of Saint-Lambert requested an inventory report of the trees (preliminary observation and final report) the two plots of land involved in the exchange.

This is in addition to the report commissioned by the developer (complete version and short version) and the internal evaluation conducted by the municipality. These reports attest that the exchange of land would save trees and provide a better quality space for Lambertans. 

For citizens, the concrete advantages of this project would be as follows: 

  • it would address the lack of available housing for seniors, thus reducing the need for them to relocate to other municipalities;
  • COGIR would make a financial contribution of $1 million to the City of Saint-Lambert, which could then reinvest this money in the project of its choice;
  • annual tax revenues would be generated by this new rental building; and
  • future active residents would be able to participate in the City’s municipal and economic life.

Mandatory steps

For this type of project, the City requires the following mandatory steps: 

  1. notice of motion, presentation of a draft by-law and adoption of the first draft by-law by City Council: June 11, 2018
  2. public consultation, including a brief presentation of the project: July 10, 2018
  3. adoption of a second draft by-law by City Council: August 27, 2018
  4. period for holding a register: September 5 to 13, 2018
  5. adoption of the definitive by-law by City Council:  September 17, 2018
  6. register : October 9, 2018 (consult the public notice for details)
  7. possibility of holding a referendum poll : to come
  8. consultation on the architecture and integration of the construction project: to come

To be informed of the steps in this process and to know all their details, visit the Public Notices section.

To learn more

If you have any questions about this project, contact the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department at 450-466-3277 or