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Saint-Lambert proudly inaugurates its library!

Monday 23 October 2017

Inauguration de la bibliothèque

On October 20, as part of the launch for the first edition of the Rentrée culturelle, the City of Saint-Lambert also inaugurated its library.

“It is with much enthusiasm that I welcome you to our new library this evening. Despite the fact that some of the work still has to be completed, we can already confirm that our library has been transformed, and for the better! This was a major project, and you’ll discover each time you visit the library that it was worth the wait. We can all be proud of this cultural asset that without question enriches our local cultural life,” said Mayor Alain Dépatie at the opening of the ceremony. 

Marie-Josée Benoit, the Director of the Library Services, Arts and Culture Office, emphasized that the major redesign of the library is in keeping with the current trend: “Henceforth, the Saint-Lambert library joins those community libraries that are extensions of the home in the public sphere, ‘third places’ that provide inviting spaces to read, work and socialize, in environments that foster the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge.”   

Citizens who visit the library will first notice its new, open architecture, enhanced by the glass curtain wall that allows a maximum of natural light to flood into the ground floor. They will then move on to discover various other, more functional, spaces for all members of the population, such as the new multimedia room, which can accommodate up to 50 people, where it will be possible to hold conferences and workshops, film screenings and meetings. 

“A library is also the memory of its community. This is why there is a space that gives a place of pride to our heritage by showcasing the history of Saint-Lambert via nine major themes,” Marie-Josée Benoit explained proudly.

The library renovation also provided an opportunity to rethink the reception area and to implement new technologies that will allow users to easily, quickly and in full confidentiality take out and return documents on their own. 

The City of Saint-Lambert also used the occasion to unveil a plaque that pays homage to Isaac Yung Zung Zia, who bequeathed a sum of over a million dollars to the Friends of the Library Foundation to improve the library’s services. “We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the invaluable contribution of Mr. Zia in this achievement. Without his gift, we could never have envisaged the scope of the project that we see here today. With this commemorative plaque, we hope to anchor Mr. Zia’s generous gesture in the history of the library,” said the mayor. 

In closing, Marie-Josée Benoit directed some grateful words to library patrons: “We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding during the renovations. This is your library; enjoy discovering it and take full advantage of its new services and spaces.”

Photo de l'inauguration

Photo de l'inauguration

Photo de l'inauguration