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Pet owners: it’s time to renew your licences

Friday 14 September 2018

The City of Saint-Lambert is reminding cat and dog owners that they must renew their pets’ licences, as they will expire on September 30.

According to the municipal by-laws in effect, licences are mandatory and must be worn by pets at all times. It is important to remember that a licence helps to quickly identify the owner of a lost pet and ensure the speedy return of the animal to its home.

Licences will be available as of Monday, September 17, at a cost of $17 for a cat and $27 for a dog, at City Hall, 55 Argyle Avenue.

Lifetime licences

The City of Saint-Lambert also offers licences valid for your cat or dog’s entire lifetime. By purchasing this type of licence, you will no longer have to renew your current licence every year. Lifetime licences cost $125 for a dog and $50 for a cat, and are non-transferable if the animal dies.

Owners are also invited to contact the City of Saint-Lambert if they move or if their pet has died so that their file can be brought up to date.

Dog run access cards

Access cards, which are mandatory for the dog run, will expire on September 30. To renew your card, simply come to City Hall with a valid licence and proof of residency. 

For more information on the by-laws on animals, consult the