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Following its sale, a new era begins for the old Anglican church

Thursday 26 October 2017

Ancienne église anglicane

The City of Saint-Lambert wishes to announce to citizens that the old Anglican church, located at 263 Elm Street, has officially been sold. Local merchant Max Dubois has purchased it with plans to develop it into an urban market with shared work spaces.

“We are pleased with this sale, which ends a long quest to find a purpose for this municipal heritage building. It transforms into a reality one of the objectives we had set ourselves at the beginning of our mandate, which was to once and for all settle the issue of the long-term survival of the Anglican church,” said Mayor Alain Dépatie.

Let us recall that in March 2016, City Council had accepted the unsolicited purchase offer initiated by Max Dubois. His project perfectly reflected the vision of elected officials as it will blend seamlessly into the town centre and create a magnet for commercial activity for the population.

The buyer commits to preserve the building’s heritage status as part of the restoration project, which will include several eco-responsible features.

About the building

This building was originally home to an Anglican church and was converted into a Masonic temple in 1928. No longer being used, the building was finally put up for sale by its owners in 1998, when it was bought by the City of Saint-Lambert. Since then, the City has been trying to find a new mission for the old Anglican church.