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The City of Saint-Lambert’s Rentrée culturelle: A resounding success for the first edition!

Wednesday 25 October 2017

The City of Saint-Lambert is delighted with the success of the first edition of the Rentrée culturelle, which took place at the library from October 20 to 22. 

Nearly 350 people turned out especially to take advantage of the activities dedicated to showcasing our cultural vitality, organized in collaboration with various cultural organizations. Among the most popular activities were the concerts presented by Classica and the Conservatoire de musique de la Montérégie as well as the conference given by the St. Lambert Choral Society. Visitors also enjoyed the guided tours that allowed them to discover the new areas in the library.

We are also happy to report that since its opening on October 19, attendance at the library has exceeded expectations, coming close to an average of 1,300 per day. 

The Rentrée culturelle

The Rentrée culturelle was created this year to become an annual flagship event that will promote Saint-Lambert’s cultural wealth. It will first consist of a weekend of activities, but will also be accompanied by actions to highlight the vitality of our cultural life. 

Citizens are invited to consult the Rentrée culturelle brochure, which describes all cultural services offered by the City of Saint Lambert and its partner organizations. The brochure is available in the Publications section and in all municipal buildings.

Rentrée culturelle

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