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Recreation, Sports and Community Services Office

The Recreation, Sports and Community Services Office is responsible for leisure activities in the community. As such, it organizes, delivers, and supports a host of recreational, sports, and community activities and events for residents to enjoy. Its main tasks are to:

  • Plan and implement recreational, sports, and community activity programs;
  • Ensure optimal and equitable use of municipal recreational facilities and recreational resources;
  • Maintain ties between the municipality and organizations that offer activities;
  • Keep residents and organizations informed in order to promote participation in the recreational activities offered

Looking for interesting activities?

If you are looking for ideas, check out the various activities offered by visiting the Recreation services section of the City’s website. If you already have an activity in mind, go directly to the activity registration site.

You will also find all the dates of upcoming recreational events and activities in the calendar.

Do you have your Citizen's card?

To subscribe, you must have your citizen’s card. Consult the Citizen's card section for more details.