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Library, Arts and Culture Services Office

Library, Arts and Culture Services Office’s mission is to foster residents’ growth and development by giving them access to information in all its forms and by proposing them an offer of diversified cultural activities. Its main goals are to:

  • maintain and develop a high-quality collection of materials;
  • organize activities designed to highlight its collections as well as ideas and community resources;
  • offer reference librarian and research services;
  • offer complementary services to meet residents’ needs (computer workstations, etc.);
  • plan and implement cultural activities;
  • keep residents and organizations informed in order to promote participation in the cutural activities offered.

Looking for interesting activities?

Discover the main activities offered by the municipality by visiting the Arts and Culture page. You will also find all the dates of upcoming cultural events and activities in the calendar.

Your library is connected! 

The library catalogue is accessible online. You can use it not only to search for documents but also to access numerous resources online, including dictionaries and databases.

You can also access your membership file and manage your book renewals and reservations online.