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Citizens Safety Committee

In collaboration with the Longueuil agglomeration Police Department, the goal of the Citizens Safety Committee is to ensure the safety, tranquility and quality of life in Saint-Lambert. 

The committee organizes various prevention activities (crime prevention tips, shred day, etc.) and runs a Neighbourhood Watch program. 

Its members

The Citizens Safety Committee is made up of the following persons:

  • councillors Francis Le Chatelier, as president, and France Désaulniers, as vice president;
  • Catherine Langevin, Head of the Communications Management division;
  • ​​Claudine Després, police officer at the Agglomération de Longueuil police department;
  • residents Michelle Deschamps-Band, Marie-Eve Deschamps-Band, Lise Harbec, Denyse Miquelon and Sylvain Bissonnette.

Neighbourhood Watch Program

Neighbourhood Watch is simply a network of neighbours who keep an eye on each other’s property and the neighbourhood as a whole to be on the alert for individuals exhibiting odd or suspicious behaviour or unusual situations. You and your neighbours are the best placed to know who is a stranger to the area and to judge what is normal and what is not in your neighbourhood.

How does the program work?

The program is based on mutual cooperation: neighbours working together by keeping an eye on their neighbourhood. Your neighbours know you and the kind of car you drive. They would be the first ones to spot a burglar or intruder at your door, by your window, or on your property. Neighbours are able to keep an eye on the properties on either side, behind and in front of his or her home. 

Join us!

Crime prevention is everyone’s business. Help us protect our families and properties, and keep our neighbourhoods safe. To join the Neighbourhood Watch program, contact us at 450 466-3094.

Find out more about its activities!

The Citizens Safety Committee wants you to be informed. You’ll find safety tips and a wealth of practical information on its website at or by consulting the slideshow presented at the Committee's information session held on September 13, 2017.