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Paying tribute to volunteers

Community life is rich and dynamic in Saint-Lambert, in part due to the commitment and dedication of its many volunteers. By giving generously of their time and energy to help children, seniors, and municipal organizations, they contribute greatly to the quality of our living environment and to the range of community services offered.

For this reason, the City of Saint-Lambert holds an annual event where it pays public tribute to its volunteers and thanks them for their essential involvement in our community.  

Gala des mérites 2017

2017 Volunteers of the Year

At this annual volunteer tribute event, a number of volunteers are awarded special honours based on informed recommendations from the organizations for which they work. In 2017, the following individuals were named Volunteers of the Year:

Marie-Anne Rozankovic, Conservatoire de musique de la Montérégie

A most dedicated president and general manager, Marie-Anne Rosankovic ensures prominent visibility for and broad awareness of her organization. Thanks to her, the Conservatory offers an impressive program, exemplified by its participation in Saint-Lambert Days, Festival Classica, and cultural mediation activities, and of course, its Barcelona tour. Through her hard work, Ms. Rosankovic has enriched our community’s cultural life and helped grow Saint-Lambert’s reach and reputation.

Nicolas Laperrière, Saint-Lambert Minor Hockey Association

Both a coach and vice-president of communications, Nicolas Laperrière spares no effort and is always ready to devote his energies to special projects. He is behind the Association’s participation in Saint-Lambert Days, the new coach training programs and the launch of the sports bulletin board. This dedicated volunteer inspires others to give the best of themselves, whether on the ice or around a meeting table. 

Lyse Marchand, La Mosaïque

When Lyse Marchand gets involved in something, she gives it her all, wholeheartedly, thoughtfully and with great skill. So, not surprisingly, La Mosaïque involves her in a number of services, including transportation accompaniment, tax assistance, cultural outings and visits to markets. She is a veritable gold mine of information, an attentive listener and very much appreciated by activity participants. She loves what she does and is a source of inspiration for others! 

Salim Telmani, Saint-Lambert Soccer Association

For several years now, Salim Telmani has been involved in the local soccer association, working with both youngsters and adults. In addition to sitting on the board of directors, he takes active part in many activities and events. He has also worked on developing a more attractive graphic image for the Association to enhance its promotional efforts. Mr. Telmani is without a doubt helping raise the profile of the Association. 

Judith Campbell, Saint-Lambert Council for Seniors

Judith Campbell volunteers her time every week to perform all tasks related to Maison Desaulniers’ financial and banking matters, such as preparing employee and teacher paycheques and the monthly balance sheets. And she never shies away from lending a hand with other tasks that are important to the smooth running of activities. Her help is invaluable! 

Judith Moseychuck-Schurman, The South Shore University Women’s Club

Judith Moseychuck-Schurman has been actively involved in the organization for a number of years now. She headed the scholarship program in 2016 and 2017 as coordinator of the education committee. She also participated in several of the association’s other activities, including organizing the book sale, hosting the reading club, giving two lectures, and updating the association’s PowerPoint presentation. 

Christian Viau, Ligue de balle-molle 40 ans et plus de Saint-Lambert (softball league for ages 40 and over)

Since October 1999, Christian Viau has run the softball league with rigour and ensured its sound management. Since the summer of 2016, in addition to his usual involvement, he made monumental efforts to promote the league to replace no fewer than 15 players. Thanks to his colossal work, the league is now in great shape and its members are more motivated than ever. 

Gary Bell, Blue Machine Swim Team

Gary Bell’s involvement attests to his incredible passion for the Blue Machine and its swimmers. Since being named chairman of the board of directors in 2016, he has worked to create closer relationships with the others sports teams, to oversee the committees, and to increase the number of swimmers. He has also demonstrated positive leadership by reorganizing the Blue Machine’s finances and communications in order to secure the Club’s future. 

Vicky Ouellette, Saint-Lambert Figure Skating Club

It is with both passion and diligence that Vicky Ouellette has filled the demanding role of Club president over the past two years. Despite this already very hefty commitment, she continues to sit on the organizing committee of the year-end show. She plays a very active part because she considers it vitally important to offer young skaters this opportunity to benefit from an unforgettable experience. 

Gilles Brunelle, Club Richelieu de Saint-Lambert

Highly energetic and motivated, Gilles Brunelle has undertaken a third term as Club president. This role keeps him actively involved in fundraising activities, through which he has successfully maintained the financial support offered to the beneficiary organizations. A first-rate ambassador, Mr. Brunelle represents the Club at a number of local and regional events, thus helping spread the word. 

Municipal Volunteers

Many volunteers participate actively on the City’s various committees. They give both their time and energy, thus contributing their expertise to various projects aimed at improving the quality of life of their fellow citizens. Visit the Committees page to learn more.

City Manager Georges Pichet underscored their involvement in the various municipal committees at the latest gala by inviting the volunteers present to join him on the stage.

Would you like to become a volunteer?

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