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Houses-in-Bloom contest

Pommier en fleur

In 2008, the City of Saint-Lambert relaunched the traditional Houses-in-Bloom contest. This contest rewards the most beautiful landscapes in our city in a number of categories, and is open to both residents and shopkeepers. 

You don't need to register. The Selection Committee will be making its rounds looking for those rare gems at the beginning of July. So now is the time to get ready! Good luck to all! 

Organizing committee

Planning the Houses-in-Bloom Contest is the responsibility of the organizing committee, which is made up of the head of the Town Planning, Permits and Inspection Department and several citizens. The committee’s mandate is, among other things, to define the selection criteria and supervise the selection process. The members of the 2017 selection committee are: Julie Larose, Marielle Blain, Chantal Charbonneau, Lorraine Guillet et Claire Ménard.

Selection committee

The selection committee is made up of volunteers who are passionate about flowers and landscaping. Their job is to comb the city streets, by sector, and evaluate properties by assigning points based on specific criteria. Thereafter, they meet to compare notes and select the winners.

The City would like to thank the judges who joined the Organizing committee in 2017 to make the rounds of local streets looking for hidden gems: Louise Bisson, Louise Comtois, France David, Paul Dorval, Carole Kelly, Yvon Lainé, François Langevin et Ginette Lemay.

Would you like to be one of the judges?

You can apply to be on the committee at any time. Simply contact Julie Larose, Head of the Department of Town Planning, Permits and Inspection, at 450 466-3889, extension 3382 or at

The winners 

The winners for the 2017 edition are:

“Residential” category

880, avenue Oak    202, avenue Mercille

746, rue Boissy    27, avenue de Normandie 

“Commercial and Institutional” category

563, avenue Victoria

"Residential, five dwellings or more" category

59, avenue Lorne